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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Animal God's (requested by DA friend)

So these are a series of drawings I created for one of my friends on deviant art, she requested different animal god's each would have patterns on them to distinguish them from normal animals, (it's for a comic she's making) so I thought I'd post them on here








2 new Black-Shades

-Here are 2 new drawings utilizing full black shading-


Rat Warlord

New Shading Expiriment

So I've been expirimenting with a new shading style using full black shading and textures, I think they look pretty good but I'de love your opinion---
A mouse casts "Crazy Ass Lightin Blast"

Weasels love overdramatic lighting, and not wearing pants

Just Starting Out...

So I just started this blog, here, I plan on uploading my art work and gaining some popularity so I hope you guys enjoy it and I will add some of my pictures to this post...

These drawings were fan art I made after reading mouseguard and the mice templar, I basically spent a whole day drawing mice in different roles and outfits and stuff
The Assassin Mouse

The Legion Mouse

The Guardian of the Grey Moon

The Arabian Knight

The Apache (Native American) Warrior

The Lancer Mouse

The Priestess Mouse

Levits (from Legend of Dragoon) Mouse

Gypsie Mouse

Camoflouged Rogue